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The Sinking of the S.S. Golden Gate

by Andrew Czernek, aczernekATcomcast.net

Two song writers would popularize the sinking using the account of A.H. Bates or encountering eight-year-old Addie A. Manchester on deck as the flames approached. Frank Soule (lyricist) and P. R. Nicholls (composer) published the song shortly after the sinking, possibly before the end of 1862.

They would use the account of Bates, who said, “While standing at the bows, grasping a rope, a little girl – a lovely little child, about 8 years of age, named Addie Manchester, came up to me and said,"

“Oh, mister, can you swim?”

“I told her I could and could try to save her if she would do just as I told her.”

She said, “Save me, do, please. I don’t want to be drowned!”

“I showed her how to act – to get on my back and grasp me tightly, but that she must not choke me. She promised to do just as I told her. She was quite cool. Just as the fire got up to us, the steamer struck the bar. I jumped over, taking Addie with me. She held tight to me, and I struck out for the beach, not far off. The breakers ran very high. I got past the first and second one in safety with my burden. After I passed the third one I found that Addie was gone. I turned round and saw her going down behind me. A man on a plank who was passing, grasped her by the hair and pulled her on his plank. I saw she was safer than with me, so I continued on and was dragged on the beach. I lay on the beach insensible for about half an hour. When I came to, I saw Addie among the rescued passengers.”

Sheet music for "I Don't Want to be Drowned", written about Addie A. Manchester, one of the surivors.



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