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Nov. 24, 1865


Agency of the New York Board of Underwriters

San Francisco Nov 24th 1865

My dear Capt Lodge

It is a long time since we have been favored with a line from you and thinking you would like to hear from your California friends I avail myself of this leisure moment. First, your respected friend Smiley has again sailed in search of the balance of “G Gate” treasure, taking with him Bloomsfield as Capt. and Big John (old Irelan Diver) and one of Murelty men as divers.

Prior to leaving he and his friends heralded throughout the city the rich deposits waiting for them, claiming $350,000 remaining at the wreck. A stock compy was formed with Smiley first and in less than a week all was taken and Smiley off with $100,000 proceeds of sale of stock.

Poor Smiley has had hard luck; the money he sent to New York from the wreck never was accounted for to him. It was sent to Livingstone Brother who says he lost it in stocks & refused to pay over a dollar.

Old Irelan has at length got through with his lawsuits gaining all and is now one of our “big boys”.

I believe I wrote you of Capt. Fletcher being a Grandpa as soon as prudent after the baby was born Mr. Roucan, Mrs. and baby left for the east, and the old folks felt deeply the loss of their Grandchild and concluded to try themselves, the result is Mrs Fletcher expects next month to be the mother of another child. If a boy they intend I believe to name it Lodge, Smiley, Irelan or something else. Fletcher feels quite elated at the prospect.

Roxby grows young, he has added to surveying vessel, the appraisement of cargoes for contribution in genl average. He gets all foreign vessels, Report says he is very attentive to a rich widow, the truth I can’t vouch for, but he has spruced up mightily lately, and does not frequent the club as often as formerly. I think the old sea dog had better leave widows alone.

Balow is in Boston.

With Kind regards I remain very truly yours
C V L Gibbs




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