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Aug. 13, 1865


San Francisco
Aug. 13, 1865

Capt. Francis W. Lodge

My dear sir,

Your letter acknowledging receipt of my draft of Rothschilds in your favor, was duly received.

As to the result of Smileys last expedition, I know nothing but the general impression is that he got nothing, his operations being prevented by the roughness of the weather. For my own part, I don’t believe that there’s much left, but I believe a sort of joint stock operation had been formed to search for the supposed residue. Out this he T.J.S. makes money, whether any thing more is found or not, as all the parties interested had (no doubt) to pay for the privilege of being “taken in” to the conern.

A few days ago that fellow Bixby, whom you will remember as Smiley’s “Keeper,” called upon me, and inquired whether I would take a law suit in hand for him. Surprised at such an application from such a quarter, I inquired the nature of the case, and found that he and the Marshal were “at loggerheads” respecting his fees as “Keeper”, there having it seems been an understanding that Bixby was to be paid by the Marshal at the rate charged in the Marshal’s hire, which he endeavoured to make us pay. As the Marshal, however, got nothing – refusing his legal fee of $3.50 – he declined paying Bixby anything. Hence the squabble. As I had no desire to assist in washing the dirty linen of thee worthies, I declined to have anything to do with it, Bixby or his grievances – specially as he only offered me the magnificent contingent fee of one half of what I might succeed in collecting from the Marshal.

You have no doubt heard of the ravages of the Shenandoah in our whaling fleets in the North and South Pacific, a very annoying occurrence, as it took place after hostilities had ceased between the North and South and people were rejoicing that the devastations of war were at end.

I have to thank you for the “Mercy Market Review” which I received yesterday by mail.

Capt. Fletcher I believe is well. I saw him the other day in court, where he was attending as a witness in the case of the wharf owners ag’t the owners of the Aquila. They claim wharfage at full rates for the ship was lying sunk in the mud. Case not yet decided.

I send your expense statement to Capt. Fletcher.

I remain, Dear Sir,
Yours truly,

William Barber




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