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June 10, 1864

Association for the Protection of Commercial Interests as respects Wrecked and Damaged Property

Lloyd’s, 10th June, 1864

Captain Francis Lodge
  San Francisco

Dear Sir,

“Golden Gate”

Your favor of the 28th April is to hand addressing a further draft of £400 which had been procured and attended to.

Referring to my respects of the 12th ulto. I endeavoured on that occasion to impress upon you the extreme difficulty with which any attempt to obtain a further supply of money from the underwriters would be attended; at the same time I had no intention that you should feel yourself restricted as to means, when a fair prospect of recovering any part of the treasure presented itself. The Committee must of course throw itself entirely upon your judgment, fully believing that you will exercise it to the advantage of those concerned.

I remain, dear Sir,
Your obedt. Servt.

I.A.W. Harper

Editor's note: below was written in different handwriting, probably Francis Lodge in comment on above letter received from his superior at Lloyds—writing slightly disjointed indicating elevated emotional state.

We have done everything possible to trace the gold supposed to be stolen. Offered through the police a reward of £7000. The difficulties in-the- why of this discovery are, as you know, minisule (sic). The smelter’s marks are the only means of identification. We imagined we had Id . from some clew in Austria. We are now engaged through the Embassy in the attempt to ascertain the truth. It is said that a gang of German Jews, not very far from Vienna are in possession of a horde of gold from San Francisco, which they, from time to time, melt down. I do not expect much from this: but it is necessary to try everything.

Note on ID. This is also a legal citation for previously cited source which could refer to the smelter’s marks in the previous sentence.




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