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May 28, 1864

Association for the Protection of Commercial Interests as respects Wrecked and Damaged Property

Lloyd’s, 28th May, 1864

Capt. Lodge
  San Francisco

Dear Sir,

“Golden Gate”

I wrote you on the 12th mist. And enclose you herewith a duplicate of that letter.

The object of these lines is to inform you that an extract from the “Steamer Bulletin” had reached here, from which I gather that the Irelan wrecking party is detained at Manzanillo from inability to obtain passage for themselves and $47,000 treasure recovered from the wreck of the Golden Gate. The saving of this treasure has been reported to the agent of the N. York underwriters and $3,000 paid in an account. Capt. Irelan will go down in his schooner “Julietta” to bring off his son and the remainder of the treasure.

Will you enquire and advise me what portion of this salvage will benefit the European underwriters and take the necessary steps to obtain possession of such share for their Afe.

I remain, dear sir,
Your obedt. servt.
For I.A.W. Harper, Secretary
Alfred Morris




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