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May 1, 1863

Association for the Protection of Commercial Interests as respects Wrecked and Damaged Property

Lloyd’s, 1st May 1863

Captain F.W. Lodge
  Care of Messrs. Helman & Co.
  San Francisco

Dear Sir,

“Golden Gate”

Your letters date 18th-20th & 22nd of March have within this last few days come to hand.

I am glad to see that such a large quantity of the treasure has been recovered though from what you say I fear but a small portion of it will find its way to Europe.

I find that the 2 boxes marked HI Co. 141/142 are insured by Lloyd’s and the bill of lading for the same has been sent to Hentch & Co., San Francisco, who are themselves underwriters on the above cases.

I have not been able to get hold of any more bills of lading for you.

I am, Dear Sir, your obedt. servt.

For I.A.W. Harper, secretary
Chas. Manley




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