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Original Document Page 11

Nov. 25, 1862
State of California
City and County of San Francisco } SS (Stamp and Seal)

I Henry Haight a notary public of the aforesaid city & county do hereby certify that the foregoing agreement and following figures are true and correct copies of the original thereof, this day compared by me with said originals. Witness my hand & official seal this 25th day of November 1862
signed Henry Haight Notary Public

Vessel and outfit for Three months

  Subscribed Capital $5000

Charter for 3 months   1000
Provisions              750
Two boats     $100     200
Mate 1 month advance     40
Three Divers           90
Three Crew             90
Cook                   40
Captain for personal expenses 150
And for expenses in event of  } 500
Going port. Balance for clearance etc} 140
In hands of Treasurer      2000     $5000




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