The Sinking

The Ship

The Survivors

The Deceased

Source Documents

Survivors accounts

Capt. Hudson's report

Capt. Pearson's report

U.S. Consul's letter

  - Lodge Letters

List of names in Smiley's Expedition

Lodge1 PDF, p. 3

TJL Smilie
James L. Fowler
W.G. Bloomfield (alias) Colleroy
Sidney Cook (alias) J. Herman
A.D. Johnson
James Fowler
Redman, Joseph H.
Dan McNeil (here)
J. Yates (Mexico)
James Albert
Chas. Peterson (here)
I.L. Goodrich
Geo. King
Frank Post
Jas. Foster
Chas. Kimball (here)
George Smiley




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