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Apr. 18, 1864


Lodge2 PDF, p. 12


Respected Father

Here I am still in Manzanillo unable to get away. I can get away by taking a small boat but I will not take the chances.

I am going to Colina today and wait until the post is open or some vessel comes in. A manís life is not safe here. There have been 5 men killed in the past two weeks. Last week the robbers came in her amounting to about 200 men an robbed the town and carried off a great many women prisoners. They cleaned me out of some clothing and my sword. That was all I lost. When they came in I had no place to retreat. The house that I lived in was surrounded by a very high fence and in front of the soldiers that are quartered here for the protection of the town. The robbers whipped them and drove them to the hills back of the town. The way the bullets whistled around me for about 15 minutes was a caution. However, than the Lord I escaped unhurt. Everybody is deserting the town. The Germans here are hiding their effects and making preparations to leave. I am going away so when I go to bed at night I will not be afraid of having my throat cut.

That money is all right with the exception of one thousand dollars that the government took away from me. They seized $3,000 of my money but I succeeded in getting back $2,000 of it. Rock lost all of his money. I was have save the $1,000 of it had not been for old Labistida he done all he could against me Ö Oh! I have had a devil of a time down here hiding about. I dare not stay in one place over two nights for fear of getting robbed. I have a ________ from the customhouse to embark my money whenever I get a chance to go away. I am all right now. In case of my death you will find a letter than I am going to deposit with him (Agustus Morrell) the American apothacary (sic) for Colina. The letter will not be delivered by any person but to your order or mothers, so if any accident happens to me you will be all right. I dare not the letter for fear it will be opened. Thusfar I have been in the enjoyment of excellent health. Try and see if we can not do something to get me away from here.

Yours truly,






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