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Irelan Memo


Lodge2 PDF, p. 10


Irelan recovered from the wreck of the “Golden Gate” in December 1863 six boxes of treasure:

Hp $3,996.69
BxC #5 $15,047.01
No mark $1,815.10
J.G. Plocker $11,000.00
Dewitt Kittle $10,087.72
EAS 452 $18,443.47

Total $60,390.19

Of this $33,490.48/100 is my property & I have offered to settle with Irelan on his paying me one third, say $11,163.49 leaving him $22,326.99 to pay expenses & remunerate himself.

If Irelan declines settling on those terms I will take all means in my power to get possession of the property I represent & will engage to pay to the person who puts me in possession 50 cents on every dollar’s worth of treasure.

Ireland must give me an answer on Thursday.

The owners of the remainder of the treasure will join with me I make no doubt.

Irelan admits that he brought $11,000 to San Francisco.

If I find that Irelan has been willfully deceiving me I will discontinue all intercourse with him.





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