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Jan. 31st, 1864

San Francisco

Lodge1 PDF, p. 2


T.A.W. Harper, Esq.

Dz. Sir

Matters have changed but little since I last wrote you viz. January 24th. Mr. Smilie remains a prisoner in the hands of the Marshall of the Admiralty Court. The warrant for his arrest is returnable on Thursday next. When we probably will find out what his line of defence will be. I have employed two of the best lawyers I can get viz. Barber & Macallister. Smiley has employed 5 including 2 ex judges. He appears to have relied upon showing that the American courts have no jurisdiction but this he will probably fail. We have very little real evidence against him especially as we cannot get ahold of any of the stolen property. And we have reason to suppose that all that has not gone south has been melted and its identity destroyed. In the meantime I am constrained to draw upon you for $1,500.

Then sir,
Francis W. Lodge




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