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April 28, 1864

San Francisco

Lodge2 PDF, p. 2


I.A.W. Harper, Esq.

Dr. Sir

I drew upon you last Saturday Hellman Brothers for £400, that being my second draught.

I cannot trace any of the treasure for a certainty but I have heard lately that a considerable quantity was sold to a German House at Manzanillo for billís on a firm either here Lemon & Meyer or Rogerís & Meyer. The latter have a house at Liverpool and it is probable some of the gold bars were shipped to them to meet the billís.

You may be able by making inquiries to find out if such is the case or not but I think it is a matter of great difficulty as they are like all the people with whom Smiley is connected Hebrews & will use all their powers to spoil the Egyptians.

Smileyís answer to the libel is poor enough as you will see by the enclosed. I am doing all I can to get the civil case before the court but the bills of laden (sic) have so many signatures on them (all of which must be proved) that I have considerable difficulty. Smileyís object seems to be to get the trial put off as long as possible as that gives him more chances of getting my witnesses out of the way. I have not heard from you since I left New York but the overland mail between here and there has been running so badly that I am not surprised. My last letter from New York was 34 days on the road.

Your obedt. Sert.

Francis W. Lodge





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